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Wyndham Village Community Website

Wyndham now has their own Community website, select the text above to visit

Madison Green Website

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To obtain the Architectural Change Application use the link provided above.
Place cursor over “Architectural Change”, place cursor over “ARC Rules – Made Easy” and select “ARC Procedures & Forms”, then select the application to download.

Additional Info

Message from Madison Green Master Association

RE: Eligibility for MGMA Clubhouse ID’s

Be aware that MGMA will only issue Clubhouse ID’s to people that are recorded on the Warranty Deed and their dependent children, as well as people listed on Village approved Rental Agreements.

If the homeowner has additional relatives living in the house and not paying rent, the homeowner must provide Sea Breeze CMS, Inc. with written approval of living arrangement to satisfy MGMA Clubhouse ID eligibility.